Customer use

Customer use

This refers to the quality of the product through health, safety, effectiveness and inherent need for goodness. 

Health & safety: The health and safety of a product examines whether the product performs to expected health, safety and privacy standards. Some examples of metrics that might be used for a product are: the costs associated with foodborne-illnesses from product recalls, or controversies or data leaks associated with the product.

Effectiveness: The effectiveness of a product refers to whether the product works as it should. For packaged food products, effectiveness would be where the nutritional value of the product is captured.

Inherent need: The necessity dimension of the product examines whether the product provides some basic need to the population. Elasticity can be used to identify products that are basic needs.

This section of the model is still being developed. It refers to the impact that occurs once a company has transferred control of goods or services (i.e. the downstream impacts).